The journey

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"I am determined to learn and no one can stop me" was my first public blog where I 8 years ago started sharing my travelling and self development journeys. I was writing about starting new lives in new countries, selling books door to door in the USA and being an administrative manager in

construction consulting company in the Middle East.

Passionate about living a loving and happy life.

Lifting each other up by helping release the past and create a better future.

Sharing the way of manifesting, conscious creation and laws of attraction from different cultures, traditions, religions and sciences.

My Story

"For years, I pushed toward traditional materialistic values until I achieved what I dreamt of on the outside, but I had to admit that my soul was sad. So, after burnout in the corporate world, I became dedicated to helping myself and others to avoid that crash."



To find deeper meaning in life, I became dedicated for 7 years to learn from the roots and traveled to 35 different countries, attending many schools of self-development.

I learned by living in ashrams and communities of meditation, yoga, tantra and shamanism. Integrating these with western scientific approach to human nervous system and anatomy they help us to connect to and release tension from the body, mind and soul. Today, I have a wide understanding of different approaches to holistic mental health. I also understand the need for a unique approach to each person.


Trained in Europe, India, and South America to understand and communicate the healing arts of modern medicine, eastern meditation, and western rituals. Working as an international trauma release therapist, I help my clients relax into life.


By sharing the best tools from my personal journey of recovery from chronic depression and PTSD, I have helped hundreds of people to fall in love with their lives again.

The main schools and trainings


Sigrid Jaanus

Elina gave me very transformative MER massage experience. I've been looking for sensitive yet strong masseuse who understands body blocks by just touching softly. Her insight and intuition is what makes it such deep experience. I was able to release past traumas from my body with her help. Later on the energy work she did was powerful aswell. So grateful and still amazed. Will definately visit you again Elina, thank you so much for sharing your gift to this world.


Alexandros Dapergolas

Elina is such a BLESSING to the world! I participated in the Miracle Manifestors 7 day Challenge that she organized and it was such a gift! Through this challenge, Elina helped us a lot to find our purpose and manifest in our lives what we want and what we need! I definitely suggest you to invest in one of her programms/sessions! It's totally worth it! She has experience on what she does and this can be easy to see! Such a lovely person! Thank you, Elina, for making our lives better!


AnneMarie Iliescu

I just finished the 7 Day Miracles Manifestor program and I became who I really am, with no doubts, fears, stress, worried, etc. I am fulfilled with love, gratitude, health mindset and most importantly I became a Miracle Manifestor!

From now on I am focused to make my desires come true and create my fulfilled life with love, Joy, bless, Peace.

I thank from the bottom of my heart to Miss Elina for her help that transformed me into the person I am now.

I want to specify that one year and 3 months I got through PTSD health problems and Miss Elina helped me A LOT to deblock me bad stuck energies and regain my true self, abundant self. Thank you very much!

Love you Elina!