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Group workshops for deep transformation

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Welcome to your cosmic play. This is an example of a ceremony we go through to awaken our creative energies so we feel more confident and inspired in on our paths to our highest potential.

This shamanic approach to tantra is not what the western world has portrayed this sacred art to be. It is highly liberating journey of healing your inner masculine and feminine energies, so you can become one with yourself and your deepest desires. So you can become more authentic, loving and feel absolutely free.

From the space of deep forgiveness, love and compassion arises the life force that is ready to open you up for ecstasy. Connecting you to your primordial essence. Connecting you to the elements that tell the ancient stories through you since the beginnings of times. The stories of mythological gods are still acting through us and it is our privilege to take on an active role in this cosmic play. Through the shape shifting exercises also used in modern psychology, we explore deep inner knowings about who we truly are to find out what it is that we really want.

Each element bought into this sacred space is creating a ceremonial ritual that works beyond the mind and shakes the unconscious mind to awaken. With clear intensions we allow the co-created space to bring you the answers and shifts in reality that you ask for and need.

Once the awareness of you true self is reached, the dance of the divine inside can begin. The orgasmic journey of releasing what is holding you back from connecting your inner polarities that are yearning for deep self love. Being truly connected to what fulfils you with satisfaction and joy.

Releasing in totality the long held tension to rediscover your authentic self, you rise your vibration to the level of your deepest desires.

Shifting the way you manifest and show up in the grandiose play of life.


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