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Break free from stress and fall in love with yourself




When science meets spirituality...


We are more than the blood in our veins and more than the thoughts in our head – and science agrees. In recent years, more focus has come on the role of what is called the parasympathetic nervous system. It’s the system that takes care of all the things we don’t think about, like digestion and breathing. It controls the body’s ability to relax. This system has a great effect on our physical and mental health.


I use the combination of breath, sound, and movement in the personalised sessions. They are tailored to balance your nervous system and guide you to finding solutions to your current struggles. Anxiety, releasing grief, managing emotions, reconnecting with your sexuality, or gaining inner peace? These practices help you create synchronicity between your mind and body.  


Break through layers of body armouring; releasing mental, emotional & physical resistance and stress from your nervous system and cellular memories.

You will intimately re-connect with your true self and your longing to live with an open heart.



Put Your Life Into Focus



We activate your nervous system fight or flight response and release tension from the NS so your feel more at ease every day. Integrating deep connected breathing with conscious touch, movement, emotional release, and meditation, for intuitive healing where and when it’s needed most. Heal past trauma, release work stress, unhealthy relationship patterns, find inner guidance to solve challenges. Come to connect with your authentic being, and feel joy and peace.

This is for people who wish to experience connection to their own/real/higher self and LET GO

of the tensions causing stress and confusion. 

795€ 2H X 7 SESSIONS

Full body alignment

7 rapid trauma release sessions with personalised in depth program designed to balance your entire nervous system. Based on the work of Wilhelm Reich an Austrian doctor of medicine and psychoanalyst. Full body alignment program consists of 7 2h sessions and personalised homework consisting physical exercises and habitual changes based on the needs of your body.

This program is for people who wish to commit to experiencing 


and want to receive full body alignment. 

1999€ 2H X 14 SESSIONS

Body Mind Spirit

In this program you will receive 7  BBTRS and 7 body work (massage) sessions where we will dig deep into releasing tensions from this life time, past lifetimes and ancestral conditioning.  You will receive astrological reports giving you insights about your energetic blueprint that guides your life.  

This program is for people who

want deep transformation in the


Find out about the several layers of your conditioning and receive tools to become best version of yourself. 

balance & recharge your body, mind and soul

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I'm sharing the techniques and tools that saved my life and got me from feeling depressed and stressed to feeling peace and joy.

"For 10 years, I pushed toward traditional materialistic values until I achieved what I dreamt of on the outside, but I had to admit that my soul was sad. So, after burnout in the corporate world, I became dedicated to helping myself and others to avoid that crash."



To find deeper meaning in life, I invested 7 years and traveled to 35 different countries, attending 9 different schools of self-development. Combining proven scientific methods with the spiritual tools, I learned from ashrams and communities of one of the most popular practices They  help you to connect your body and soul. Today, I understand the need for a unique approach to each person.


Grateful for the opportunities to study  in Europe, India, and South America since now I understand the healing arts of modern medicine, eastern meditation, and western rituals. 


Last 5 years I've been focusing on working with many different people and nations and been blessed in supporting hundreds of people fall in love with their lives again.


Often I ask myself... if not now then when? If not me then who? Knowing myself and taking responsibility for my life is the most empowering experience.

Every time I step into a new growth cycle in life I remember that the first step of growing is healing.

Releasing what is preventing ease, flow and purposeful living is the basic building block of successful life. 

People come to me when there is a repetitive emotion or feeling that the body couldn't safely express in the past and now keeps coming back and is causing mental or physical issues. The body saved the information from a past event and now any familiar event will bring up the past emotions again.  Sometimes it is inability to control emotions, anxiety, eating disorders, low self esteem or depression. What ever there is, there is also an answer that comes from a deep let go. 

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