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Transform and awaken to feeling freedom in your body, mind and spirit


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Break through layers of body armouring
 releasing mental, emotional & physical resistance and stress
from your nervous system and cellular memories.

You will intimately re-connect with your true self and your longing to
live with an open heart.

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Break free from stress and fall in love with yourself



Reduce symptoms

  • Attention deficit disorder

  • Apnea

  • Anxiety

  • Chronic fatigue

  • Depression

  • Difficulty focusing

  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder

  • Physical/emotional pain

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder

  • Stress

  • Stress-related medical illnesses

  • Trauma

  • Insomnia

What it supports

  • Physical alignment

  • Aliveness

  • Body awareness

  • Inner balance

  • Connection to others

  • Creativity

  • Spiritual connection

  • Emotional integration

  • Health & well-being

  • Meditation

  • Mental clarity

  • Self-awareness

  • Relaxation

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balance & recharge your body, mind and soul

Put Your Life Into Focus

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I'm sharing the techniques and tools that saved my life and got me from feeling depressed and stressed to feeling peace and joy.

"For 10 years, I pushed toward traditional materialistic values until I achieved what I dreamt of on the outside, but I had to admit that my soul was sad. So, after burnout in the corporate world, I became dedicated to helping myself and others to avoid that crash."



To find deeper meaning in life, I invested 7 years and traveled to 35 different countries, attending 9 different schools of self-development. Combining proven scientific methods with the spiritual tools, I learned from ashrams and communities of one of the most popular practices They  help you to connect your body and soul. Today, I understand the need for a unique approach to each person.


Grateful for the opportunities to study  in Europe, India, and South America since now I understand the healing arts of modern medicine, eastern meditation, and western rituals. 


Last 5 years I've been focusing on working with many different people and nations and been blessed in supporting hundreds of people fall in love with their lives again.

A unique experience combining meditation, rebirthing, sound and movement to achieve deeper levels of being. I've had the chance of experience a number of somewhat similar experiences, but Elina brings something else to the table which makes this experience unbelievably deep. I've had the pleasure of attending a number of sessions and each one was priceless. highly recommended! 


- Guy Boyangu


Often I ask myself... if not now then when? If not me then who? Knowing myself and taking responsibility for my life is the most empowering experience.

Every time I step into a new growth cycle in life I remember that the first step of growing is healing.

Releasing what is preventing ease, flow and purposeful living is the basic building block of successful life. 

People come to me when there is a repetitive emotion or feeling that the body couldn't safely express in the past and now keeps coming back and is causing mental or physical issues. The body saved the information from a past event and now any familiar event will bring up the past emotions again.  Sometimes it is inability to control emotions, anxiety, eating disorders, low self esteem or depression. What ever there is, there is also an answer that comes from a deep let go. 

Sebs first experience with BBTRS

Sebs first experience with BBTRS

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Client feedbacks:

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Priit Lumi


Katrin Hüva

Elina is an amazing healer in her powerful self and a portal of healing energy. Even just her presence is healing. What unfolds in the session is a gift to entire humanity through us. Thank you sister for sharing, thank you for your heart.


Mare-Li Aavik

I was always very sceptical of spiritual stuff but this experience transformed my life. This trauma release session was very powerful experience that inspired me to love myself more and find inner peace. Looking back these sessions really transformed me and I feel that I have gained my freedom, power and true self. I will definitely contiue on this path!


Nicole Page


Kristel Tuul

I have been healing my traumas and releasing emotions with Elina for about 2 years now. It's amazing to see how during each session my body opens up more, how I am able to be more present and surrender. Elina always creates such a safe environment and uses techniques best suited for you. I could not recommend her enough.


Tom Walsberg

I went to Elinas session when I could not breath in my life at all. Everything had become suffocating. I experienced how she knew exactly what triggers to push so I would release tension from my psyche with as much ease as possible. Although the process was intense it made me feel much more in my power. I left feeling relaxed, much lighter and in more pleasure. Life didn’t feel so hard anymore. 


Cathedral Reiki

Elina is a beautiful and loving person with a natural yearning and talent for healing and guidance. I have seen time and time again how she is being constantly guided by the Divine into the role of Service to Others. Her flexible Nature allows her to work with many different types of people and personalities. Her open mind and open heart allow her to accept all persons just as they are, without judgement. To work with Elina is to receive guidance, acceptance and love from the Divine herself


Nisarga Eryk Dobosz

Elina is an amazing woman , i know her for few years and i am amazed of her deep studies and practices of spiritual awakening. She is very courageous person who is sharing with the world more love, awareness and joy. Her wide spectrum of experience and nomadic lifestyle has completely transformed her life and it is joy for me to see her growing and sharing her light with the world.


Blanka Bortely

I highly recommend Elina regarding of release the stress and trauma stored in the human body. She really takes care of her patients to provide them the best treatment possible.


Thank you!! It was one of the best experience of my life ever!

Elina is a powerful and nurturing healer. She held space, guided, and facilitated me to go deeper and release traumas that were holding me back from feeling my full power. By the end of the session, I reconnected with a part of my divine feminine self I had not felt in a long time and I was able to embrace it and embody it with full loving acceptance and empowerment. Thank you Elina 


Adam Rey Siegel

Elina was a fantastic entry point for me into the world of trauma therapy. She was extremely professional and supportive throughout the entire process. 

After my experience with her, I felt much lighter and more in-tune with both my body and mind

I would highly recommend her for anyone interested in exploring within themselves!


Sheryl Currington

Working with Elina was a profound experience. She held such a safe space for me to open and explore parts of myself that yearned for feminine supportive presence. I was able to familiarize my energy with what was unconsciously lacking and to use it as a tool for empowerment and healing. Thank you Elina!!


Elen Tsopp

Elina's unique experience from various walks of life from business world to shamanism is really making her One Of A Kind teacher and healer. Before taking her ✨Miracle Manifestors✨ course I've done my own research and experiments with Manifestation, but her approach is nothing like I ever come across. This course deepened my perception and filled with new inspiration in such a short timeframe! Truly admiring her authenticity & dedication to make a world a better place!

Christian Marti

Elina gave me a Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release session at the end of February 2019. In short, it was a powerful, beautiful, and deeply transformative experience.


It was powerful in that through the combination of guidance, breathwork, movement, and Elina's touch and guidance, I found access to emotions and other energies stored deep in my body. These energies moved up from my pelvis through my body and I felt I could release them - through voice, through movement, through my crown, as well as through giving them into the earth. Elina's capacity to read my body and energy impressed me deeply.


It was beautiful in that Elina held a deep, warm, safe space for me - allowing me to fully dive into whatever arose during the session, to stay present, to feel, to let go, to release.


It was transformative in that after the session, I felt like a very heavy weight got lifted off my shoulders. A weight I had carried for years. I felt light and spacious. To let go of the things I could release felt like a huge relief. I am deeply grateful that I got to experience this. And I feel wonderful now, 12 days after the session.


I can fully, from the depth of my heart, recommend Elina's trauma release sessions. If you have the opportunity to work with her, I encourage you to take the leap and dive in - it will be quite a ride, but so very worth it!


Jason Ross

Elina is a natural born healer.

A true pleasure to work with. 

I felt very comfortable with her and we were able to go deep very quickly. I highly recommend her. Truly otherworldly.


Guy Boyangu

A unique experience combining meditation, rebirthing, sound and movement to achieve deeper levels of being. I've had the chance of experience a number of somewhat similar experiences, but Elina brings something else to the table which makes this experience unbelievably deep. I've had the pleasure of attending a number of sessions and each one was priceless. highly recommended! 

Tuuli Rand

When I first heard that Elina was doing lomi-lomi massage, I didn’t know what to expect. Went there with excitement and with zero knowledge what was gonna happen. The experience was amazing, Elina has super powers (she really does) and what came out of me was just mindblowing. She released so much pain and sorrow from me, she created a very safe space for me to let it all out and she knew excactly what to do with my body. It’s still the greatest and deepest release I have ever felt, and I have experimented with a lot of stuff, but Elina’s was the deepest and craziest experience for me. 

I hope it is so powerful for everyone. I can’t wait to get back at Elina’s table. Try it, you have absolutely nothing to lose, you can only win from this. 


Thank u Elina. ♥️

Rarely we meet someone who can truly show us ourselves. It has been a real honor and privilege to meet someone as sincere, open, supporting and caring person as Elina is. She opened up a space for me where I could feel through and let go of the feelings that were stuck in me. For months she opened my eyes and healed me deeply. Her intuition is so on point that you get exactly what you need. Truly a life changing experience. I suggest to go in for couple of months because there is a chance it will change your life.