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Session reflection from an entrepreneur and psychology student

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

The journey into inner peace.

Few years ago I was rather sceptical about things like this. I know Elina since we were young and since she is active on social media, I have witnessed different stages of her life.

Few years ago I thought she has gone mad. I believed something had to happen to a person for them to start practicing some "uhhuu" stuff. I know that at one point she was financially very successful and I couldn't get it why she would give all that up and start living this kind of life.

Thinking like this is a good reflection of where my own values were at the time. My entire life I have been very materialistic person. I have worked extremely hard and accomplished a lot but as years go by I have realised that no matter how much money I have or how high is my social position, it is not making me happy, it is not making me confident, it is not releasing my anxiety and it is not making me a happier nor better person. It was like I was on a self destructive regime. You should not have gray hair in your twenties.

Working my ass off I lost myself and traded my time and freedom for money. The higher the position, the more I had money and the less I could live my life.

This year I have worked on myself. I have learned a lot about my family. Who am I and where am I coming from. I began to be interested about the big ball that is circling around the sun in the vast universe and if the goal of being on it is to work from 9 to 5 and have a fancy car and house. Or is there something more.

As I was learning about the history of my family and the origins of humanity, I realised that what Elina is doing and how she is doing it, meaning her values and ideas that are reflected in her lifestyle, are close to what the humanity is drifting further away from because they are blinded by their ego, greed and materialistic values. But we used to be connected. This year I was lucky to meet Elina.

I went to see Elina with no expectations. The only thought I had was that I will trust her completely and I will let her do what ever she thinks is necessary.

First we talked, Elina had good questions that opened me up to share what bothers me and what is important to me. When we spoke, I felt that she was really there and listening. I had never experiences such presence and care before.

In the beginning of the session she guided me to connect with my body - I felt my arms, feet, head, organs... Then I received a method that I can use any time to find release from my worries and tension. I was laying on my back, breathing deeply and intensely and did everything Elina guided me to do. She guided me into meditative state where I started to see things that were important to me.

In front of my eyes I started seeing images without me even thinking about them. Some of them appeared thanks to her guidance and direction. For example I saw the feeling of peace, my supportive family, I saw myself as a little boy and I was able to talk to him and hug him. I experienced different emotions and also pain stored in my physical body.

I would describe this session as a journey into inner peace. For me this hour and a half was not easy and delightful. I saw my traumas and felt legit emotional and physical pain and heaviness. At times I was shaking, trembling and crying. After the session I felt like a new person. In my heart I felt deep sence of peace, silence, confidence and power. I didn't know that my heart was tense and shaky before. It wasn't until then that I realised that.

At the end of the session I went travelling and that was like an award trip. I was in an ancient place where I saw a lot of meaningful symbolism for me and I was able to explore there. This experience was so wonderful. What I saw I will leave with myself.

Meeting Elina gave me a good answer to the question if there is more to life than working hard and proving yourself. This experience made me even more interested about the spiritual world and I feel like I'm on a new path now. After the session I can sense people better and I am able to see the signs in my environment that are supporting and guiding me.

Elina is my guide on that journey from whom I can ask clarifying questions if needed. I like that she is not just telling me the answers but is guiding me to explore my own truth. Life is so much more exciting now.

Elina has abilities out of this planet that I have never seen before. For example she took the pain from my throat during the session with her hands. I am convinced that she has wisdom/powers/abilities, that regular people do not have. And she has chosen to use these abilities to heal people. This is her path.

For my surprise I discovered that Elina is not "uhhuu" at all but with both of her feet deeply grounded. The is just much more aware and with smaller ego than other people around you and me. Looking back I realised that few years ago when judging her actions, I was just scared of what is different and new. What she was doing didn't resonate with with my beliefs that came from low self esteem, uncertainty and egoistic values. So few years I was running away from my traumas and enjoyed being a victim before Elina came to help me with the issues.

Thank you to Elina!

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